(bulk buy deal) TOTAL COVER


Product Description

You’re totally covered with this 25 x 1 hour lessons  that’s 45 hours! in your Logbook* Also “Total Cover” means that if you fail a test or any other tests, it will cost you nothing to redo your driving test, please see details below.

  • youngmandriving-350Your choice of automatic or manual transmission
  • Modern safe vehicles
  • Free pick up and drop off at your choice of location
  • Your driving test booking fee is paid by us along with car rental for the test.
  • Bonus free lesson prior to the test.
  • 1 Year Driver’s Licence.
  • If you fail your first test, then we will “Totally Cover You” and pay for next driving test free which includes your booking test fee and provide you with a 1-hour driving lesson.
  • (PLEASE NOTE: If you fail the second test, then the next test costs will be covered by you)

*Every hour you drive with an accredited trainer counts for 3 hours in your logbook – up to a maximum of 10 actual hours or 45 logbook hours. Any hours with a trainer after the first 10 actual hours must be recorded in your logbook in real time.