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Our driving school provides comprehensive behind the wheel training for all levels of drivers, from beginner to experienced.
Get My P's Driving School

5 hour lesson package

Learn to drive in just five one-hour sessions and get behind the wheel in no time. Trust us, it's worth it.

Get My P's Driving School

2 Hour Driving Lesson

Our comprehensive 2 hour driving classes offer an interactive learning experience you will never regret.

Get My P's Driving School

6 hour lesson package

Find the perfect driving education class for your needs with our diverse offerings and competitive pricing. Let our knowledgeable instructor Walter guide you on the road to success.

Get My P's Driving School

4 lesson package

Get behind the wheel and learn to drive in just four one-hour sessions. You'll thank us later.
Get My P's Driving School

10 lesson package

For drivers under 25, our package offers triple hours in the logbook, allowing you to quickly achieve the required 30 hours and obtain your license. With our strategic and comprehensive approach, becoming a licensed driver has never been easier.

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