Quick Study package

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Introducing our most comprehensive and enriching package: fifteen one-hour driving lessons, thoughtfully priced at $1250, offering unparalleled flexibility and depth in your driving education journey.

This premium package is meticulously designed to accommodate your unique learning style and preferences, allowing you the option to consolidate lessons into extended 90-minute sessions or in-depth 2-hour classes, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience.

Each session within this package is a building block in your path to driving excellence. Whether you opt for the standard one-hour lessons for consistent, incremental progress, the 90-minute lessons for a more thorough exploration of driving dynamics, or the immersive two-hour lessons for an extensive, hands-on driving experience, our seasoned instructor will provide tailored guidance, adapting to your learning pace and focusing on your individual needs.

For our young aspiring drivers under the age of 25, this package not only offers top-tier instruction but also a significant logbook advantage: every hour spent mastering the roads translates to triple hours in your logbook, adding up to an impressive total of 35 hours. This accelerated logbook accumulation is a major leap forward in your journey towards meeting the driving experience requirements for your license.

But that’s not all. To fully prepare you for your driving test and to boost your confidence, this package includes an exclusive test driving package. This entails a complimentary 1-hour driving lesson before your test, providing you with last-minute tips and reassurance, and the convenience of using the driving school car for your driving test. This invaluable addition ensures that you are not only well-prepared but also at ease and familiar with the vehicle in which you will be demonstrating your driving competence.

Choose this all-encompassing package and embark on a journey that offers not just comprehensive driving lessons, but also the strategic advantage of accelerated logbook hours and the ultimate test readiness experience. This is more than a driving lesson package; it’s a full-scale commitment to your driving success.