6 lesson package

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Presenting our exceptional offering: six meticulously curated one-hour driving lessons, priced at a competitive $420, designed to elevate your driving skills to new heights. This package is the epitome of a comprehensive, structured learning journey, meticulously tailored to ensure you emerge as a confident, competent, and road-savvy driver.

Each of these six lessons is a step forward in your driving education, focusing on a wide array of skills — from perfecting your maneuvering and control, understanding road etiquette, to confidently handling diverse driving conditions. Our seasoned instructor will provide personalised guidance, adapting teaching techniques to suit your pace and style, ensuring each hour is maximised for your benefit.

For our younger learners under the age of 25, this package comes with an extraordinary advantage. Each hour you invest in mastering the art of driving not only equips you with vital skills but also counts as triple in your logbook, summing up to an impressive 18 hours. This accelerated logbook accreditation means you’re progressing threefold towards meeting your driving requirement with every lesson, moving you swiftly on your path to becoming a licensed driver.

Choose this premium package and embark on a journey that promises not just skill enhancement but also a significant leap towards achieving your logbook milestones, all while ensuring a safe, comprehensive, and enjoyable learning experience.