5 lesson package

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TIntroducing our premium package: five one-hour driving lessons, thoughtfully designed for comprehensive skill development and priced at an attractive $350. This series of lessons is your gateway to not only mastering the art of driving but also gaining a significant advantage in your journey towards driving independence.

For each hour spent under the guidance of our expert instructor, you will delve into various aspects of driving, from the fundamentals of vehicle control to the nuances of navigating complex traffic scenarios. These lessons are structured to ensure a gradual and thorough enhancement of your skills, with each session building upon the knowledge and confidence gained in the last.

And for our younger learners under the age of 25, we offer an incredible added benefit: each hour of instruction is not just an hour of learning but also counts as triple in your logbook, totaling 15 hours. This accelerated logbook accumulation means you're not only receiving top-tier instruction but also moving faster towards meeting your logbook requirements.

Our commitment is to provide not just driving lessons but a comprehensive learning experience, tailored to foster safe, confident, and responsible drivers. Choose this package and take a significant step towards your driving goals with the added advantage of fast-tracking your logbook progress.