2 lesson package

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Embark on a comprehensive two-hour driving lesson, meticulously designed to not only enhance your driving skills but to also instill a deep sense of confidence and safety behind the wheel. Priced at $140, this session offers a perfect blend of practical road experience and personalized instruction, tailored to fit your individual learning pace and driving needs.

During these two hours, you will have the opportunity to explore various driving scenarios, from navigating busy city streets to mastering intricate parking techniques, all under the guidance of our highly experienced instructor. Our approach is patient and encouraging, ensuring that every minute of your lesson is both informative and enjoyable.

This driving lesson goes beyond just the basics. It’s an investment in your driving proficiency, aiming to refine your skills, boost your road awareness, and prepare you for a lifetime of safe and confident driving. Join us for this journey, where every turn is a step towards becoming a more competent and assured driver.

And for our younger learners under the age of 25, we offer an incredible added benefit: each hour of instruction is not just an hour of learning but also counts as triple in your logbook, totalling 6 hours. This accelerated logbook accumulation means you're not only receiving top-tier instruction but also moving faster towards meeting your logbook requirements.