10 lesson package

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ntroducing our most versatile and value-packed offering: a series of ten one-hour driving lessons, available for $660, crafted with flexibility in mind to cater to your unique learning preferences and schedule. This exceptional package not only offers the standard one-hour sessions but also allows you the freedom to merge them into extended 90-minute or comprehensive 2-hour lessons, ensuring that your learning experience is tailored precisely to your needs.

Each lesson is an integral step in your journey to driving mastery. Whether you choose the classic one-hour format for focused, skill-specific training, the extended 90-minute sessions for a more in-depth exploration of driving techniques, or the full two-hour immersive experience for an extensive, hands-on driving practice, our expert instructor will be there to guide, support, and adapt to your personal pace and learning style.

For our dedicated learners under the age of 25, this package comes with a significant bonus: every hour you spend behind the wheel will not only equip you with valuable driving skills but also count as triple in your logbook, culminating in a substantial 30 hours. This means that with each lesson, you're making a substantial stride towards fulfilling your logbook requirements, accelerating your journey to obtaining your driver's license.

Opt for this premium package, and embrace a comprehensive, flexible, and efficient approach to your driving education. With the added benefit of accelerated logbook progress for younger learners, this is more than just driving lessons — it's a strategic investment in your journey to becoming a skilled, confident, and licensed driver.