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FAQ 1 – Why should I choose your driving school?


At “getmyps.com driving school” we offer knowledgeable and friendly instructors who value and understand just how important and how traumatic it can be to get your license. Our trainers truthfully understand the meaning of quality instruction, particularly when it comes to training people in the development of safe and practical driving skills. It doesn’t matter what level you are at, we are a school that can provide quality instructions at a reasonable price.

We have a reputation of training drivers to be safe, accountable and cautious drivers, by learning with us, you are guaranteeing the finest chance of accomplishment and a worthy future of safe driving! During your lesson there should be no interruptions and there won’t be with our trainers using their mobile phones during your lesson time.

To be a confident and competent driver, the solution is to find the right school and driving instructor – whose experience, expertise, and friendly instruction will help overcome to some extent nervousness or stressful situations, we have trainers that can turn a stressful situation into a calming and positive one.

Our trainers distinctly understand the individual needs of every student and will provide safe, assured, and responsible instruction.

Our office will coordinate any bookings, cancellations and organise any changes of pick up locations. Rest assured you have chosen the right school to guide you on your way to driver accomplishment.

FAQ 2 – Can I pay by cash?


Yes all cash payments on the day of the appointment will be accepted, if you need to go to an ATM for cash then this can be done during your appointment, just let your trainer know that you have to visit an ATM before the appointment ends.

FAQ 3 – How do I cancel a driving appointment?


Contact our office on 0420221946 at least two business days (48 hours) in advance. So, for example, if you would like to cancel a Monday appointment at 3 pm you would need to cancel by 3pm on Thursday to keep at least 48 hours notice and avoid a late $20 cancellation fee. The more notice students give us, the easier it will be for us to reschedule appointments for other students.

FAQ 4 – Can I do more than a 1 hour driving appointment?


Yes, You can do up to 4 hours of driving during your appointment, this has to be scheduled with the office before the date of your appointment.

FAQ 5 – I am a very nervous driver, will my trainer be sensitive to my nervousness?


When first meeting you, our trainer will ask you a series of questions relating to your driving, if any.

Have you ever driven a vehicle before?
How much experience of driving have you had?
How do you feel about your driving?
What are you strengths and weakness’ of your driving? and what are you looking to improve on?

The best environment for building confidence for any nervous students, is taking that student to an area where there is minimal traffic, a area with wide and flat roads. We will just take things at a slow and calming pace, building confidence is our first step for better and effective student learning, this system has always been a winner, and will be a winner for you.


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