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Do you feel that after a driving lesson, that you’ve learn’t nothing?

It’s amazing that we hear the same story, time, after time, after time… Get My P’s Driving School Brisbane we currently have students who have jumped from one driving school to another and to another…..the list goes on, it’s fortunate that they found us, because when they arrive, they never leave, it’s sad, but true, there are a lot of driving instructors in the industry who are not covering all the criteria with their students to be better drivers, when students arrive from these schools its really surprising how little they’ve learn’t , we are here to teach you properly, and to cover every criteria with you, not only to pass your driving test, but to be a safer driver on our roads for life.

Driving School Brisbane

Do you feel that after a driving lesson, that your good hard earned money was wasted?

Your money is hard earned, and we respect you as paying customer, and it’s fair to say, that you should deserve the best driving lessons for your dollar – numerous times we have students complain about their previous driving school, because they felt they hadn’t learn’t enough, the usual complaint is: the instructor just told me to drive and that I was doing fine, but really, I felt, I wasn’t improving at all, and therefore they felt they’re just wasting their money. We at Get My P’s Driving School Brisbane can surely help you to be the best driver you can be, we don’t sit there and say your doing okay, we are fussy about teaching everything you need to know how to be a better driver, it’s our job to really help you.


Do you find it hard to find a good driving instructor, who will actually help you drive better & safer?

I Walter owner and driving instructor have had many students over the years, I have had lots of students come to me who have jumped from one driving school to another and another. I always ask the usual questions to students, have you driven before? How many hours of driving have you done? Who’s been teaching you? Have you had lessons with a driving school? If they had lessons with a driving school, I always ask why aren’t you with this school any more? Some say that their driving instructor left the industry or retired, but unfortunately most say that they left because they felt their driving skills hadn’t improved and they wanted to try another driving school to see if they could help improve their driving skills. It’s good for our school, because when students arrive here, they do not leave and they actually felt that their driving skills had improved, and improved over a short period of time.


Have you failed a driving test once or even multiple times with your current driving school?

We have had many students from other driving schools that have failed their driving tests multiple times, and they want to come to another driving school to see what reasons they are failing for, most of the time it’s lack of knowledge from past driving instructors not covering all criteria with their students about the driving test. They teach in a way where they are skimming only parts of what’s required to be a good, safe driver, and there is really no depth in their teaching.

The best tools to teach students because there is so much information for them to remember, is using diagrams, drawing driving situations on a white board, (pictures tell a thousand words) repetitiveness and reinforcement, also knowledge of the area where the test will be held, on test day the student may not go exactly the same route the examiner will take them, but I’ll say it will be close to most of the streets where their driving lessons were held.

Over the past 9 years in this job, I have had over 500 people pass their driving test, and I would say that 95% of these students passed first go, and the other 5% have failed due to certain factors. Some students I thought weren’t ready, and have asked them to do more lessons to be more ready, felt that they were ready, and wanted to give it a go and failed, also I would say all students going for their test are nervous but a few were very nervous and failed.

I have over the years developed good judgement whether a student is ready to sit their driving test, and I am confident that they will pass first go, but only if I think that they are ready. I will do my very best to help you pass your test first time, as I will help you practice the required driving skills to be test ready.


Do You Think Cheap Driving Lessons Will Help You Get Your P’s?

Like the old saying goes, “you only get what you paid for”, sure these lessons are cheap, but really, are they quality lessons? You get amazing deals, 3 lessons for $99, that’s really cheap, but really are they quality lessons, I suppose you could go to them and find out, but you may be just another “Jumper” from driving school to another, because at the end of the day “you only get what you paid for”.

At Get My P’s Driving School Brisbane, we don’t simply provide driving instruction, but also work to improve your skills, including your confidence, your decision-making, and discipline. These are elements that make a person, a good driver, so we put all our focus on making all our clients skilful and responsible drivers.