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Become a confident and expert driver – it’s easy when we’re involved!

Welcome to Get My P’s Driving School Brisbane, a driving school servicing mainly the South-side of Brisbane.

At Get My P’s Driving School, we don’t simply provide driving instruction, but also work to improve your skills, including your confidence, your decision-making, and discipline. These are elements that make a person, a good driver, so we put all our focus on making all our clients skilful and responsible drivers.


About Our Trainer

Our lead trainer, Walter Winiana, is an experienced and efficient driving instructor with more than 8 years of experience. His goal is to make learning how to drive easy, convenient, positive, and accessible for anyone who seeks to learn how to drive in Brisbane. Whether he’s teaching a high school student or a grown adult, his demeanour, manner of instruction, and guidance are all reliable, useful, and effective.


Why Us

We’ve come a long way to ensure you get the best driving lesson solutions, offering that which our counterparts don’t. With us, you can expect:

  • Modern Cars: We teach you on modern and smooth running vehicles so as to avoid any complications and allow you to focus your full attention on your lesson. Our cars regularly undergo service checks to ensure no problems are found and the vehicles are safe to drive in.
  • Safe and Friendly Environment: With an experienced instructor who is positive and friendly in demeanour, our classes are conducted in the most optimal manner. All road routes are well learnt by our instructor and any client who feels nervous or stressed will be handled calmly and positively, helping them overcome their initial fear as well.
  • 90% Pass Rate: Our past work has allowed us to enjoy an average of our clients achieving a 90% pass rate on their first driving test attempt.
  • Complete Driving Lessons: We don’t simply teach you the basics, regardless of how experienced you are. We give you full driving instruction, starting from the basics and coming up to advanced solutions like parallel parking, reverse parking, U-turns, reversing in a straight line, hill starts, and more. Additionally, we also help you understand what to do in emergency situations to avoid any incidents.
  • Positive and Ethical Services: Lastly, what you will receive from our side is an ethical level of service that is based on values of honesty, integrity, positivity, and dedication.


Get Your Driving Lesson

If you’re seeking our assistance in learning how to drive, let’s accommodate your upcoming lessons. We work in a professional manner, organising set schedules that include bookings, dates, pick-up locations and more. We come to you and teach you how to drive on a first-hand experience basis.

We promise you full satisfaction so you know you’ve picked the right driving school in Brisbane for obtaining your future driving license.