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At driving school brisbane we are known for a 90% pass rate

Did you know that 50% of people attempting their first driving test in Queensland fail. Have you failed a driving test lately? or do you think your current driving school is delivering the teaching methods that makes you a safe and skilful driver?

At driving school Brisbane we are known for a 90% pass rate for all people attempting their first driving test, we believe in you and we can teach you the importance of safe and practical driving. Our friendly and knowledgeable trainers can help you get over the line on your first driving test attempt, but also we teach you the important skills to become a safe driver for life.

Really we're a driving school that's not just here to get you over the line, we're here teach you the hard facts about the real life dangers looming out their on our roads, the "close calls", the "what if's", it's about safety, safety and you guessed it more safety. as mentioned above we're here to teach you the important skills you need to know to avoid the dangers that could happen at any-time anywhere, to drive to be alive, to drive to get from point A to point B, to become a safe and responsible driver for life, these are the types of people we are as a driving school are striving to prepare for our roads.

Being responsible drivers ourselves means that we want to pass on our road experiences and our road knowledge to our students, why because we care for each individual including you and everyone who steps into one of our cars.

So passing a driving test is only your induction into the driving community, it doesn't  mean you're a good driver yet, you've only passed a driving test, there is so much more road experiences you'll  learn on our roads, it takes years of road experience and knowledge to be a good driver.


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