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One on one training with the same trainer and car

Everyone is different, it's hard enough learning how to drive without needing to come to grips with a different instructor and a different car each time. It's doesn't help learning from a different instructor every time you do a lesson, even the smallest of changes can throw a student off, so staying with the same instructor and car, means, you can learn & keep calm, to become a safe & confident driver quickly.

It important to us and for you that staying with the driving instructor and car will help you become a more satisfied and confident person, when doing driving lessons with the same instructor this helps build a firm and friendly relationship, and over time you as a learner will become more comfortable with your instructor and your instructor will feel more comfortable to help you to be the best driver you can be. And also over time, you as a learner getting use to the same vehicle week in and week out helps you drive that vehicle well, because you've practised so much in it, you're going to feel much more confident driving that same vehicle, especially when it comes to your practical driving test time. So it makes sense not to break a good bond, because this formula has worked for us and our students for the past eight years since we've been operating.

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