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Super low prices with discounts

It doesn't need to cost you the earth to learn how to drive. If you purchase bulk lessons, then you deserve a discount, we provide low discount packages for your budget, and you’ll get the best rates in Brisbane.
We have competitive rates that suit your budget.
We know your money is hard earn't, rest assure that we will provide the most professional service guaranteed or we will be more than happy to refund your money if we don't live up to your expectations, as a paying customer it's in our interest to take care of you and provide you a high quality service that you deserve.
Please view our packages to help you save money when learning to drive with us. "Our Budget Packages"
We take no short-cuts that could be a risk to your future driving
We are here to serve your driver learning needs, to make you the safest driver you could ever be.
It's like being with a close friend helping you best to learn how to drive.
Rest assured that you have chosen the right driving school to get your license and ultimately help you win you freedom.